What is Success?


Many of us would say success is acquiring lots of money, living an extravagant lifestyle or upholding a degree. To me, success is living your life doing what you love & being around those who nourish your soul. Success has nothing to do with wealth & failure has nothing to do with poverty.

Wishing you all my dear readers life full of success & happiness. Ameen 

Have a great day.

Allah Hafiz

Tasnia xox


One year ago…

It was a year ago when I first started wearing the Hijab.

The Hijab has been the best lesson I have ever tooken. It has made me think twice before I make a wrong deed & it has made me become comfortable with my inner & outer beauty. The Hijab has become an integral part of who I am & now it has become a second nature to me. Time goes by quick. It’s not a day where I would not think twice to change that decision of mines.

Our beauty lies within & the Hijab is the very core of that representation.

What is more important than realising your unique beauty ❤ 


Quote of the day…

They told him he should look for the women who is beautiful from the inside. But he found her, who’s Noor shone so hard that it founds its way outside. Through her face, even when she does not have a smooth skin. Through her hands that didn’t came near to a sin. Through her eyes, that were always pointed on the ground. Through her tajweed voice, that made him realise the beauty he had found.  – Mawwada

I have been blessed with a loving family <3

As-salamu alaykum السلام عليكم my beautiful readers


How are you doing on this fine day? Today I am feeling very optimistic 🙂 You can probably tell from this post. Its a more positive post than negative. I hope I do come across a more positive person. I don’t want to be a moody fart.  Its a beautiful and sunny day down my end Mashallah. Yep, today post is about my family. We all have the problem with keeping family ties and this is my experience in this matter.

my entire life I have always been showered with love from my family Alhamdullilah. Like every Asian out there, we are known to have a big family and thank god for that.  My life has been great and one of the reason for that is because of the great family I have Alhamdullilah. To my amazement, I have always realised the importance of having my family with me and never have I not appreciated them. I believe the main reason for this is because I have always remained a strong relationships with all of my family members. The credit all goes to my parents. If it wasn’t for them also having a good relationship with the entire family then we would not have had that blessing. Unfortunately some of my family members have or are not experiencing this blessing.

The relatives have not uphold the ties with some of the family members which has caused them to be deprived from their love and this has also been taken away from their children. This was sad for me to see. I have grown up and observed this. It has  caused many problems within my family. The Islamic concept of upholding family ties have been lost in my family. I did not like it and it was making me angry. My parents have always taught me and my sister to always try my best to stay in contact with my whole family. That is also including the extended family. It was a different story for some of my family members.

Why is it that some of my family was thinking like this?!? “I will not visit them because they do not visit me” – this is the concept some of my relative had. My family follow the principle of giving a gift in return for a gift, and visiting in return for a visit, so if someone does not give them a gift, they do not give him a gift, and if he does not visit them, they do not visit him. This is what they were teaching their children who are my cousins and this is their reason for cutting ties with some of the relatives. When I first use to hear this I found it annoying but, now I have come to the point feeling sorry for them. This is because our family are our blessing from Allah SWT & keeping this narrow minded view regarding our relatives is us wasting away the blessings we have been granted in our life. Not to forget it is also not Islamic.

The Hadith says: – “The one who truly upholds those ties is the one who does so even if they break off the relationship.” (al-Bukhaari, 5645).

If the relationship is merely one of returning favours and giving like in return for like, and not taking the initiative, then this is not upholding the ties of kinship, it is only responding in kind. Therefore this is not at all required in Islam, it is not the higher degree which Islam urges us to reach.

I realised how important it was for me to inform my family obviously, with good manners. It was my duty to teach them the correct way to treat our family. The family members who had uphold this concept opened their eyes to the right way. At the same time, I learnt that this concept was a cultural teaching. Their parents (who are my grandparents) did not have the privilege of having access to Islamic materials everywhere as we do today. It was a learning curve, I have learnt to appreciate the internet and books that we have available.

It’s great to see the improvement with relationship within family improving Alhamdullilah. Now some of my cousins can also be spoilt with love and affection from the family. I love my family soo much and grateful to have the family I have Alhamdullilah.

Inshallah you all have the same to say. If not, then I hope you can take the initial step to amend ties.

Have a blessed day my fellow bloggers.

Allah Hafiz

Tasnia xox 


The Charlie Hebdo Attack is against the Islamic Teaching.

As-salamu alaykum السلام عليكم My dear Muslims


Many of us are baffled about the horrific incident in Paris. What I want us all to understand is the correct Islamic teaching regarding the issue of “mocking the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”.

 “When you see them engaged in vain discourse about our signs, turn away from them unless they engage in a different subject.” (6:68) Quran

Muslims are advised to simply withdraw from such a discourse, and join the gathering back, if they happen to change the subject. Certainly that means we’re not even supposed to feel hatred towards them. Let alone kill them. Remember, people can be easily lead to believe something is the truth but, it is our job to go out there and educate others and ourself from authentic sources in order for ignorance to be abolished. It’s time like these that show the importance in unity, love and kindness.

May we all have a moment to think about the family and friends of the victims. May Allah SWT give them mercy and burden their pains. Ameen.

Wishing you all a good night or day.

Signing off. Allah Hafiz xox 

Quote of the day….

women are not created weaker but more generous than men. They are created more beautiful and less fierce, as beauty hates to hurt and harm others. This is why they seem weaker to people, but in reality they are not. Angels are the strongest of the created beings, and women are closer to the angelic nature than men, as they are readier than men to carry angelic lightProphet Muhammad (PBUH)

“Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim” – Hadith

As-salamu alaykum السلام عليكم My dear Muslims


How are you all doing? Inshallah well 🙂

I have an important advice to pass onto you guys. I found this reminder has changed my life in a big way than I thought. What I am going to talk briefly about is seeking knowledge of Islam but, the right way.

It is important to make sure we are gaining our knowledge of Islam from the correct sources. It is easy for us to learn about Islam from materials & people (humans are not perfect) that do not back up the points from the Quran or The Hadith. If we want to learn the right way of Islam then we must be careful where we get our knowledge from. The following questions I keep asking myself whenever I come across a source of Islamic information are:

1) Does this point appear in the Quran?

2) Did Muhammad PBUH follow this teaching?

Like everything else we learn, we need evidence before we prove our point. Without evidence how can you consider the facts? Throughout my life I have found it significant to properly learn Islam from the Quran.  What I mean by this is, examining the current situation of the verse that was revealed at the time,  Who was it revealed to? Who is Allah SWT talking about? and why did he reveal this?

I came to my realise that learning Islam from the Quran is not just by reading but, closely looking at the Holy book. Its looking at the small details that make a big difference. The consequence of not doing this, was me missing the gems of The Quran & it lead me slowly to the wrong path. People may think what is she on about wrong path? well if we think about it, if you are acquiring knowledge of Islam without the evidence shown then you are obviously acquiring the wrong information. This leads to us implementing the wrong message of Islam. We would also pass on the wrong knowledge of Islam to others which either begin to get them confused (different teachings) or be also  leading them along with you to the wrong path. This is actually more serious than we consider.

Gaining wrong message of Islam could possible lead us to have extreme views . When I was learning Islam from internet sources and books which did not correctly back up the information from the Quran or Hadith I found myself holding some extreme views of Islam. For example, In 6-form I would slowly start to back away from my non-Muslim friend. I would try not to interact with them in any possible way even though, they did not lead me away from Islam. I came to the point where I would start to hate non-Muslims. It was getting a bit too extreme and my parents started to realise I was going the other way.

Its thanks to my family passing this advice unto me that got me to the right path. I thought this might be also a helpful advice to pass on to my fellow Muslims.

Inshallah this benefits you,have a good day.

Allah Hafiz 

Tasnia x