Finding my feet on the ground.


As-salamu alaykum السلام عليكم everyone. 

How is everyone doing on this fine day? This week’s weather has been lovely. It finally feels like spring. It also lets me know that my Birthday is getting closer.

Last time I spoke, I have told you I have graduated but, with few hurdles I had to deal with. So far, it has been an interesting experience.  I thought starting University would be the hardest part of my education journey however, I was wrong. After you graduate, you have the problem of finding a job let alone a suitable one, and that’s only if you know what route you would like to go. Then there is this more problematic situation to be in for those who know exactly what career they want but, do not have the required qualification or experience to achieve it <- I am in that category.

Have you had a clear plan in your head but it didn’t work out? I had a plan that I was going to spend this gap year doing a Teaching Assistant job so, I get the experience required for doing a Teacher Training course for next year. I am yet to find a Teaching Assistant job. It turns out, it is way more difficult than I anticipated. You know what? This sounds more of a moaning post than I have hoped.

Anyway, what I have been doing apart from moaning (I swear I haven’t) is that I’ve had voluntary experience in 3 different Secondary Schools. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it has been the most valuable lesson. This has clarified to me that Teaching is the profession I want to do for the rest of my life. I still haven’t given up yet in looking for a Teaching Assistant job. Also, I could do with a bit more money 😉 greedy laugh.

Aside from current update of my life…

There is this constant problem I have been dealing with. The problem of trying to find your path, the path to the right destination. I know I am not alone. There is probably the entire graduates who are searching around for their “second home” but, they don’t have the tool or a map to know where to start. I have been feeling like a lost puppy for this entire year. It is a first for me, to not know where or what I am doing. It petrifies me. I hate it. How do people not lose hope? I had to keep finding the solution to that problem and I think I may have found it.

I think there is two keys to sustain your Hope or determination. The first is the external key which is, being surrounded by positive & loving people. One factor that has always kept me sane was the element of my family & friends. However, you must have the RIGHT people in your life. Many of us might have many family and friends but, they don’t really help us or could actually make a matter worse. As they say, “it’s not the quantity but the quality”.  I believe this is one of the most important factor in making someone’s life a happy one. If you do not have people with good energy, the people who don’t give you the motivation, always remind you to never give up then, you need to distance them. They are not good for your soul. I can vouch for this advice as I have had many experience in this area. Remember, your inner demons would constant try to take over you, it is the people around you who can remind you of your goal & your unique qualities.

The second is the internal key which is, reflection. At time like these, your self-esteem is fragile. You have very little confidence in your abilities, your skills and majority of yourself. People can only do soo much but, it is ourselves that can deal properly with our internal problems. This has been probably the second time my self-esteem has been a major problem. I have to deal with it every day. When I have those doubtful moments, I sit back for a few seconds and reflect on how far I’ve come in my journey. Look at how much you have achieved. Look at how well you have done for yourself. You could have gone completely astray but, you haven’t. Give yourself a pat in the back (seriously). This will allow you to feel proud of yourself. It should give you back the confidence to carry on working hard to achieve whatever your goal is in life.

This may sound more like a motivation speech compare to a friend passing on some advice. I don’t know how I turn into a “motivation speech” mode Hahah. Either way, I hope my post has given you a boost of positive energy & if you can, pass some of your positive energy this way.

If you are wondering seamlessly in this world, keep looking because you will find the right door. Either way, you will find a companion along the way….

Have a great day my friends.

Signing off

Tasnia xox

Allah Hafiz


What is Success?


Many of us would say success is acquiring lots of money, living an extravagant lifestyle or upholding a degree. To me, success is living your life doing what you love & being around those who nourish your soul. Success has nothing to do with wealth & failure has nothing to do with poverty.

Wishing you all my dear readers life full of success & happiness. Ameen 

Have a great day.

Allah Hafiz

Tasnia xox