About me

As-salamu alaykum السلام عليكم beautiful people 😀



My name is Tasnia but, people tend to call me Taz  (it’s more easy for people to pronounce) or I get Tasmania, Tazmania devil, Tania and many more nicknames (I prefer Taz). I am a passionate Muslimah who is  down to earth, a Happy-go-lucky girl with dreams and determination to aspire in life. I am a British Bengali going into my third year of University and hoping to become a teacher Insh’Allah.

I love to add fun into the mix by making new friends and exploring the world . My faith, family and friends are the ingredients to my happy life. My religion ‘Islam’ is a core part of me. I’m always full of crazy ideas, hence why I say out loud some random thoughts, but don’t be fooled-there is a sentimental side. I thought its time to put these thoughts to good use by making my own blog. Here it goes….


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