“Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim” – Hadith

As-salamu alaykum السلام عليكم My dear Muslims


How are you all doing? Inshallah well 🙂

I have an important advice to pass onto you guys. I found this reminder has changed my life in a big way than I thought. What I am going to talk briefly about is seeking knowledge of Islam but, the right way.

It is important to make sure we are gaining our knowledge of Islam from the correct sources. It is easy for us to learn about Islam from materials & people (humans are not perfect) that do not back up the points from the Quran or The Hadith. If we want to learn the right way of Islam then we must be careful where we get our knowledge from. The following questions I keep asking myself whenever I come across a source of Islamic information are:

1) Does this point appear in the Quran?

2) Did Muhammad PBUH follow this teaching?

Like everything else we learn, we need evidence before we prove our point. Without evidence how can you consider the facts? Throughout my life I have found it significant to properly learn Islam from the Quran.  What I mean by this is, examining the current situation of the verse that was revealed at the time,  Who was it revealed to? Who is Allah SWT talking about? and why did he reveal this?

I came to my realise that learning Islam from the Quran is not just by reading but, closely looking at the Holy book. Its looking at the small details that make a big difference. The consequence of not doing this, was me missing the gems of The Quran & it lead me slowly to the wrong path. People may think what is she on about wrong path? well if we think about it, if you are acquiring knowledge of Islam without the evidence shown then you are obviously acquiring the wrong information. This leads to us implementing the wrong message of Islam. We would also pass on the wrong knowledge of Islam to others which either begin to get them confused (different teachings) or be also  leading them along with you to the wrong path. This is actually more serious than we consider.

Gaining wrong message of Islam could possible lead us to have extreme views . When I was learning Islam from internet sources and books which did not correctly back up the information from the Quran or Hadith I found myself holding some extreme views of Islam. For example, In 6-form I would slowly start to back away from my non-Muslim friend. I would try not to interact with them in any possible way even though, they did not lead me away from Islam. I came to the point where I would start to hate non-Muslims. It was getting a bit too extreme and my parents started to realise I was going the other way.

Its thanks to my family passing this advice unto me that got me to the right path. I thought this might be also a helpful advice to pass on to my fellow Muslims.

Inshallah this benefits you,have a good day.

Allah Hafiz 

Tasnia x


6 thoughts on ““Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim” – Hadith

  1. I found myself recently seeking evidence for many things that I was told or taught as a child. Things that even as a child I had doubts about. It may have been the influence of the culture that our elders grew up with , rather than specific islamic practices. I am very diligent in seeking hadith to prove or disprove practices that I see or hear about. I am not arabic speaking so I try as often as possible to read the Quraan in English as well.
    Mayالله guide us all انشا ء الله and make us among the successful in His eyes. ءامين

    • As-salamu alaykum sister 🙂
      Ameen. I totally understand where you’re coming from. As I was growing up I was always confused with most of the Islamic practices or knowledge that my family have taught me. It made things more difficult for me. I found the reason was culture (as you have mentioned) and the different learning style. I also do not know how to speak Arabic. This is itself is an example of different Islamic teaching style because in my culture which is Bengali we get taught from a young age how to read Arabic however, we do not know what we are saying. Therefore we do not know the meaning of the words in the Quran. This half blinded teaching has been passed on generation to generation. Therefore, I read the English translation of the Quran so, I can truly learn the teaching of Islam. Its great to know how many of the youth are slowly changing the education of Islam and making it simpler for us to learn. I realised that generation before us was not fortunate as us in being able to easily access information of Islam as we can today Alhamdullilah. If you dont mind me asking but, what culture are you from sister?
      Jazak Allah Kair for expressing your opinions regarding this subject. I love having discussions about subjects like this 🙂
      Take care,
      Allah Hafiz x

      • I am Indian. Yes I agree that the Quraan needs to be read and understood and not just rattled off in parrot fashion without appreciation of the stories and messages. I too was taught to read arabic without understanding.
        The first time I read the quraan in english I was already an adult.

      • Salam sister. Sorry for such a late reply.
        Cool. I’ve never met a Muslims person whom is Indian ethnicity. Its nice meeting you sister.
        Inshallah you had a good day and we stay in contact.
        Take care, Allah Hafiz xox

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