Hijab: no longer a religious garment?

Hijab Tales: Unpinned


In the last few weeks, Britain has seen two campaigns making front page news and getting numerous shares, likes and retweets on various social media network sites. The first campaign had a Muslim(?) woman in the Union Flag wrapped up in a hijab, which was launched by the NGO Inspire with the hashtag #makingastand. This campaign collaborated with The Sun to call ‘on Britons of all faiths to unite to defeat IS fanatics’.


The second campaign was launched by the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB), which is urging British Muslim women to wear a poppy hijab ‘as a challenge to extremist groups who ‘spout hatred’ about the Armed Forces’


What I find highly problematic about both the campaigns is that the onus is on the Muslim woman to represent her community and the use of the woman’s body to make a point. Why does a woman have to wear…

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