Procrastination: The time killer.


As-salamu alaykum السلام عليكم  my dear Muslim bloggers

 Insh’Allah your all having a good day 🙂 Ramadan is going way too fast, already 2 weeks gone.

One of the new struggles I have been going through is procrastination. It’s become increasing more difficult to manage  which I guess is normal with any issues. This problem began during my A-levels. I did find a solution however, I started again in the beginning of my University. Why did I start to procrastinate? why didnt I procrastinate before my A-levels? I think the answer to those question was that – I started to procrastinate when I had free time in my hand and the problem would only occur during the period of my life where I lacked motivation and enjoyment in my tasks. I knew I had to eliminate the problem before it began because it was difficult to stop procrastinating when you’ve been into it for long hours.I did find a way to vanish procrastination however, slowly it’s coming back because its summer where us students have most of our free time. I’m here again tackling this battle…..

These are the tips I found to fight the deadly time killer:-

1) Timetable> I created a  daily timetable that was based around my lifestyle. For example, tailoring my tasks around the 5 daily Salat (not the other way round). One way to deal with procrastination is by organising your life and the best way to start this is by making a detail plan on what your going to do everyday. By doing this, I found that it helped me have a clear map of how my day is going to be.This also was  a starting point.

2) Goals> I know this is similar to the first one but, it gives a different focus point. Before I start the day I always make a sure I set myself at least 3 goals that I want to accomplish by the end of the day. I began to write them down before I went to bed but, now I prefer to keep them stored in my head. They were things like, going to clear out my clothes in my Wardrobe, finish my introduction of my Essay and apply for 3 jobs (the goals could be small or big). These goals gave me a driving force to finish my tasks I have put aside for a long time. At the end of everyday I found myself not just feeling productive but, light weight.

3) Early mornings> The times where I had little productivity and more procrastination was the days where I woke up late. We don’t think this would have a big effect on our lifestyle but, it truly does. Whenever I wake up later than 11am I found myself feeling half of the day has gone to waste, then I would just not bother getting anything done. I would think “what the hell there’s no point doing anything because half of my day is nearly gone”. Therefore I set my alarm on at least 9am. In that way I started my day with more time on my hands to accomplish the tasks in my timetable.

4) Breaks> when I use to follow my timetable I hardly had enough breaks in between which made me feel exhausted and tired. I made a change by putting regular intervals in between my tasks and the breaks wouldnt be more than 30min long.  when you do take breaks more than 30min long you would start to get lazy and carry on doing whatever you were doing on your break time. I felt the breaks boosted back-up my energy and recharge my batteries. Its important to have breaks whenever your doing any long tasks because you don’t want your body to ware out.

After applying these tips in my life I found myself being productive , getting things done quicker and most importantly having positive attitude that has been absence from me for a while. Its empowering to have motivation and determination back in my life because when I do procrastinate I lose these two important factors in my life. Without determination and motivation I lose the love of my studies. These tips have helped me majorily in being productive and killing procrastination. I hope it can be as useful to you as it has been for me Insh’Allah.

Jazak Allah Kair for taking your time in reading this. I’m off now to drink some coffee to keep me awake till Sehri. Have a good day.

Take care, Allah Hafiz

 Tasnia xox


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