Procrastination: The time killer.


As-salamu alaykum السلام عليكم  my dear Muslim bloggers

 Insh’Allah your all having a good day 🙂 Ramadan is going way too fast, already 2 weeks gone.

One of the new struggles I have been going through is procrastination. It’s become increasing more difficult to manage  which I guess is normal with any issues. This problem began during my A-levels. I did find a solution however, I started again in the beginning of my University. Why did I start to procrastinate? why didnt I procrastinate before my A-levels? I think the answer to those question was that – I started to procrastinate when I had free time in my hand and the problem would only occur during the period of my life where I lacked motivation and enjoyment in my tasks. I knew I had to eliminate the problem before it began because it was difficult to stop procrastinating when you’ve been into it for long hours.I did find a way to vanish procrastination however, slowly it’s coming back because its summer where us students have most of our free time. I’m here again tackling this battle…..

These are the tips I found to fight the deadly time killer:-

1) Timetable> I created a  daily timetable that was based around my lifestyle. For example, tailoring my tasks around the 5 daily Salat (not the other way round). One way to deal with procrastination is by organising your life and the best way to start this is by making a detail plan on what your going to do everyday. By doing this, I found that it helped me have a clear map of how my day is going to be.This also was  a starting point.

2) Goals> I know this is similar to the first one but, it gives a different focus point. Before I start the day I always make a sure I set myself at least 3 goals that I want to accomplish by the end of the day. I began to write them down before I went to bed but, now I prefer to keep them stored in my head. They were things like, going to clear out my clothes in my Wardrobe, finish my introduction of my Essay and apply for 3 jobs (the goals could be small or big). These goals gave me a driving force to finish my tasks I have put aside for a long time. At the end of everyday I found myself not just feeling productive but, light weight.

3) Early mornings> The times where I had little productivity and more procrastination was the days where I woke up late. We don’t think this would have a big effect on our lifestyle but, it truly does. Whenever I wake up later than 11am I found myself feeling half of the day has gone to waste, then I would just not bother getting anything done. I would think “what the hell there’s no point doing anything because half of my day is nearly gone”. Therefore I set my alarm on at least 9am. In that way I started my day with more time on my hands to accomplish the tasks in my timetable.

4) Breaks> when I use to follow my timetable I hardly had enough breaks in between which made me feel exhausted and tired. I made a change by putting regular intervals in between my tasks and the breaks wouldnt be more than 30min long.  when you do take breaks more than 30min long you would start to get lazy and carry on doing whatever you were doing on your break time. I felt the breaks boosted back-up my energy and recharge my batteries. Its important to have breaks whenever your doing any long tasks because you don’t want your body to ware out.

After applying these tips in my life I found myself being productive , getting things done quicker and most importantly having positive attitude that has been absence from me for a while. Its empowering to have motivation and determination back in my life because when I do procrastinate I lose these two important factors in my life. Without determination and motivation I lose the love of my studies. These tips have helped me majorily in being productive and killing procrastination. I hope it can be as useful to you as it has been for me Insh’Allah.

Jazak Allah Kair for taking your time in reading this. I’m off now to drink some coffee to keep me awake till Sehri. Have a good day.

Take care, Allah Hafiz

 Tasnia xox


Ramadan Day Nine Ayat

My Niqab Is My Beauty

Surah Al Anfal: 2-4

The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a fear in their hearts and when His Verses are recited to them, they increase their Faith; and they put their trust in their Lord;
Who perform As-Salat and spend out of that We have provided for them.
It is they who are the believers in truth. For them are grades of dignity with their Lord, and Forgiveness and a generous provision.

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Finding Common Ground Part 4 – with Tasnia from “Muslimah’s pockets full of sunshine”

Check out my interview by the very talented blogger Noora mash’Allah. It’s brilliant to meet such a lovely Muslimah. Check out her blog. Do you have any common issue as I do?? Message me and we can have a discussion 🙂

more than hijab

Alhamudlilah yet another excellent female blogger has come into my life! Thank you so much to Miss Tasnia for reaching out to me regarding being part of this feature. As always, I encourage all those featured to be as honest as they like. I hope that you will enjoy this interesting perspective from a UK born Muslim of Bengali heritage who has had her own doubts and struggles with her faith and culture. Follow her experiences on her blog and see how she overcomes these trials. 

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Salah: Feeding your Imaan

As-salamu alaykum  السلام عليكم my Muslim sisters

Insh’Allah your all having a great Ramadan.

I know you probably have heard million of times the importance of Salah. I know I have throughout my life, even now.  I have always struggled in praying all my Salah but, now I have accomplished this issue by getting my perspective of Salah right. I am only going to try to let you know how I got my head around this issue and Insh’Allah you will benefit from this.

I first thought to myself that there must be a reason for the non-stop reminders for reading Salah and it must be a very important one? The reason for our parents or relatives constantly lecturing about this is because there is a significant power of Salah which I under-estimate and took for granted.

Salah is one of the most important things in a Muslim life (as we know) Salah is the second pillar of Islam, but did you notice Salah comes right after the pillar of Shahada (declaration of only one God) ? therefore for a Muslim to be a true Muslim they must have the belief that there is one God (including our Prophet Muhammad PBUH) and pray 5 times to the person who created them which is Allah SWT. Hence, why the shahada go hand in hand with the Salah. If we look even more closer into our 5 Pillars of Islam,you will notice that if we take one pillar out, the whole structure  will fall apart for example, if we take the pillar of Salah out then the whole structure will just fall. The same applies if we don’t read our Salah, then the rest of our Islamic practices will deteriorate and become un-balance.

I wanted to learn the actually meaning of the word Salah and this is what I found. The Linguistic root of Salat is ‘Silat’ which means “connection” or “contact”. It derives from the word “connection” (Silat) in that it connects the servant (us) to the creator (Allah). It is through Salah that we get our supplication answered and our needs fulfilled. If you look at it now, salah is the way for us to communicate to our Lord, to ask for forgiveness, help and relief from any pain and suffering we go through in our daily life. This is why we pray five times to get the daily doses of medicine for our soul.

Us Muslims know the amazing story of how Allah SWT took our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH to the highest rank of heaven (7th heaven) and commanded our prophet about reading Salah 50x which was reduced to 5x.  If we reflect upon that story it should be easy for us to follow our 5 daily Salah as our Prophet PBUH not once but, 3x tried to make it easy for us to pray by asking Allah SWT to reduce it for us . How can we not repay Muhammad PBUH effort and Allahs grace by obeying this command? This is our way to show our commitment to our faith.

When I looked at the basic detail of Salat (just as I mentioned above)  I began to see Salah as a review of our spirit and the reflection of part of the Quran. Its not always about the physical fitness or benefits but, even deeper. When my Salah was empty then my Deen was gone. I felt  like nothing was in my soul. It feeds our soul and we must keep it alive.

From a Lecture by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan (one of my favourite Speaker)  Salah connects us by 3 ways:

1) Salah brings the Ummah together= it is the state of Ummah/Union. Allah SWT says “If Salah is good then the whole thing is good” .See what I meant by the whole structure of Pillar falling apart.

2) The Imaan and Salat are the same thing= If the Salah is good then my Imaan is good. To Allah Imaan is the same thing as Salah.

3) It is a daily reminder of Allah SWT= Allah says ‘Establish Salah so you can remmeber me’ 

The most important one is that Salah gives you the headstart to Jannah. It is stated in the Quran ‘Successful indeed are the believers. Those who offer their Salat’ – (23:1-11) 

I came to my senses and realised Salah is special and it shouldnt be taken lightly. I never before thought it was the very core part of our faith. It was the beginning for me to walk on the path of Islam.

Insh’Allah you learnt how special Salah is as I have come to learn. May Allah SWT encourage us to never give up our prayers.

Jazak Allah Kair for taking your time in reading this. Before I leave, here is a last bit to think about…..

If you still don’t pray  how will you answer to Allah? 

Allah Hafiz

Tasnia xo


With a new Moon comes a new heart

As-salamu alaykum السلام عليكم my dear Muslim  sisters  


Ramadan Mubarak! 🙂                    

I didn’t expect my first blog post to be on the 3rd day of Ramadan (Fasting). I have to admit it was difficult for me to write my first post. The first one is the one that gives the first impression so, do go easy on me and bear in mind I will have many spelling mistakes and probably go on a tangent (one of my perks). Now how do I begin my blog?!… as the answer is obvious, I thought I will start my first post in the order of my journey.

Before Ramadan began I have been struggling with myself in all areas. Things like, studying, motivation, relationships (excluding boyfriend) and religion. Somehow I was internally finding it hard  to deal with  things in life even though I wasn’t going through any hardship. It’s hard to explain. It’s like no matter what I did I didn’t feel happy within. I know it sounds like depression but, I don’t think it was as I’ve done my research into that area.

The first thing I did to figure this out was finding out what the source is. I think what started this was my beloved grandfather death (as far as I remember). It was the only incident that made sense to  why I was feeling unhappy for soo long. I haven’t gone through any severe event in my life before that could have triggered it. Ever since my beloved grandfathers death, my soul has gone with me, this is how it felt like. The weird thing is, I didn’t acknowledge the emptiness in my soul until around a month later. It wasn’t just me who started to realise but, my mum was the first and my twin sister. It wasn’t just me who was suffering along with me was, my university degree, my relationship with my parents and my religion. Slowly everything was going to waste.

So how do I resolve this? I was ponder for a long time on how I can fix myself. I started to think which point in my life was I the happiest ? and the answer to that was when I was 15-16 years old during the period of my life where I was practising my religion Islam in a regularly basis. The time where I couldn’t wait to pray the 5 daily Salat, only listening to Qutbahs and Nasheeds during my spare time. Nothing was interesting me other than Islam and I was entirely devoted to Allah SWT. This is what Islam was about. First time ever I felt  peace in my soul. I cannot describe the serene feeling I had. I was happy with where my life was, I was less angry, I had patience and this strengthen my relationship with my parents. My Imaan was at its most high and then somewhere down the line I collapsed. I stopped reading the 5 daily salat which was the medicine for my soul. This resulted with everything else falling apart. Yet again, I went back to my old ways. It’s been like this ever since. Now I am 20 years old. I never have felt again that true happiness like I did during that time. So, I’ve learnt the solution to my problem was….


Yep. It was my religion. The very thing that gave me tranquility from the beginning that was  taken away by my laziness which resulted in my soul not being feed. I had to take the steps I did previously:

1) Salat = I know this is the most obvious cure to my problem yet, many of us take the power of Salat lightly. I started slowly building my Salah pattern by reading as many as I can (Even if I didn’t read all) I eventually adopted my Salat around my lifestyle. I had a routine which then made everything fall into place. After I finished a Salah I felt my soul lightened. It felt like a burden has been lifted Suban’Allah! I again fell in love with Salat.

2) Dikr= throughout my day I made sure I at least recited some Dikr. This was during any chores, waiting for the bus, during my lunch breaks etc. This didn’t only increase my acknowledgement of my Lord Allah SWT but, also my purpose in this world. This simple act opened my soul.

3) Listening to Kutabahs= I started to listen to any Kutbahs that got my attention, even if it was just a 5 min one as long as it was a material that can inspire me in faith and increase my knowledge. The best source I found was the Youtube channel called ‘Merciful Servant’  their videos are short, simple and powerful Mash’Allah.

Before I took these steps, I first had to have determination to change for the better. I knew I had to get my mind-set right otherwise I would’nt have the mentality to follow through these goal. 

So, here I am now after 2 weeks of trying my best  to follow these point. There was no better time to find Islam again than the special month of Ramadan. Ever since Ramadan has begun I have found the peace in my soul that I have been searching for a long time. I started to love my Creator Allah SWT. I started to follow my purpose in life and I was content in where I was in my current life Alhamdullilah 🙂 Allah is the most Gracious and Most forgiving. 

I finish writing my first blog post as a new person- with a new moon comes a new heart. 

Thank you for taking your time to read. I know I am an amateur in this new blogging world 😛

Allah Hafiz

 Tasnia Rahman x